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Chocolate delights, energizes, comforts, and induces a wonderful sense of well-being.  You will experience all these feelings and more as you indulge yourself in the pleasure of these quips and quotes. This delightful collection of quips, quotes, and snappy comebacks from wise, witty women will remind you of some of your own experiences and thoughts about life.  As you savor them you will notice that, like chocolate, women's thoughts and feelings come in different flavors - dark and bitter, milky and smooth, light and creamy, and my own personal favorite, the paradoxical bittersweet.  Whatever your preference, you'll savor these morsels of wit and wisdom as chocolate for your heart and soul.                                                                                       

                                                                                                                                           Arielle Ford, Author Hot Chocolate for the Soul 

 We hope you find the following quips and quotes enjoyable.  You will find them linked to     'Witty Words from Wise Women'. 

Check back often for new words of encouragement and links - specifically for you, the woman.          


Valentine's Day

Valentine Be Mine

Unforgettable Gourmet Gifts

Time for Two

Happy Valentine's from the Holiday Spot

Valentine's Day at DotComWomen

Everything Valentine

Plan the Perfect Valentine's

Virtual Chocolate

A Valentine's Menu

Full of Love

Fabulous Foods



Time for Yourself

SELF...At Your Best

My New Attitude

Fab Shop Hop

The Red Hat Society

Welcome to the quiet place...... Relax...Intuit

Dame Games

Quilt Index










Decorating Ideas

Make Your Home a Haven


Decorate to De-stress

Feng Sheiu Made Simple

Organize and Decorate with Baskets






Old Fashioned Living

Girls at the Grill

Barbecue Sundae

Mom's Diner

Cooks Recipes




Home Organization

Get Organized with the FlyLady

Cleaning Tips for Your Home

Frugal Organizing Tips

Room Planner




Success is not a doorway, it's a staircase.

      - Dottie Walters




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