History of Realty Connections

Realty Connections was launched in 1994 by Brad and Connie.  We both wanted to incorporate our enjoyment for working with people and the opportunity to own our own business.  Here we wish to share some of the highlights from the early years.

Connie's previous career was in banking, while Brad had worked for the railroad.  A necessary part of any real estate firm is a broker.  In the beginning , Evelyn Garrison served as interim broker while Brad worked toward his brokers license.  Evelyn served as a good mentor and helped the business of Realty Connections become established.

Our focus has been on on the customer and giving them individual, personal service.  Although Realty Connections is not the largest business, we strive to be the best.  Our goal is to make home buying or selling an easier process for the customer.  We strive to be a source of information while helping the customer make a decision.  We provide information to people who want to buy or sell a home.

Realty Connections has grown during the last 10 years in customers as well as Realtors.  The staff currently includes four full-time realtors, in addition to Brad and Connie, and a company secretary.

In celebration of the one year anniversary of Realty Connections, as well as Brad's receipt of his Broker's License, the local paper addressed Brad as a Cow-owner.

Starting a new business means everything must be created to reflect your business.  In 1994, when Realty Connections was formed, Brad and Connie designed their own logo to represent their company. The company logo, letterhead and signage were entered in a Kansas Association of REALTORS new business contest.  The entries won several categories. 

In 1995 the Office Interior was entered in the Kansas Association of REALTORS contest.  The entry won third place in the contest.


Following is an 'un-edited' editorial that appeared in the local paper.  It has provided many jokes and comments over the years.

And that's no bull!!

Members of the Newton Board of Realtors are making the most of the Saturday Kansan's reference to Brad Elliott as a "cow-owner" of Realty Connections.

When Brad arrived at the office Tuesday morning, he found a cow tied to the Realty Connections sign post.  I went up with my camera to shoot a picture and stepped in it!

If you had a proof reader, I wouldn't be cleaning my shoes.

Jean Coleman

Customer Service and satisfaction are of utmost importance to Realty Connections.  Customers  Ledean and Carolyn Weller presented the above certificate to Connie for demonstrating excellent client relations.

The Office Interior

Just another 'Cow'              moment!!


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